Ya Rabb Lakal Hamdu Kama Yambaghi


Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Yaa rabbil lakal”hamdu kama yanbaghii lijalaali wajhika, wa’aziimi sultaanik

When to Read

Recite ONCE Between Asr to Magrib


O my Lord, all praises be to You as it should be due to Your Might and the Greatness of Your Power

Hadith or Benefit

Abdullah bin Umar (R.A) narrated the Prophet (S.A.W) talked about a servant of the Servants of God said (This Du’a…) then two angels feel heavy and do not know how to register (rewards) and they ascended to Allah and said “O our Lord, We DO NOT know how record his reward when he said this words “He replied, “What did he said? “Angel second replied “he says Ya Rabbi….and Allah SWT replied “write reward as what just spoken by him until he meets me, I will reward him. [Imam Ahmed, Ibn Majah]